Our expertiese can help you
LEVEL UP your projects.

It's not all play here at PixelKnights, work with us to bring your projects to life.

Software Consultancy

We have decades of software development experience, working for some of the worlds' most prestigious companies. Let us work with you to get your software projects off the ground.

Game Development

Our developers have a life-long passion for gaming and game development. We have developed games for desktop and mobile and very soon, console platforms.

Project Management & Training

We've run a number of training courses for all ages, from teaching teenage children to code and write games at CodeClubs and summer camps, to teaching postgrad's how to write and release apps.

Software Services
Have our team get you past the finish line

Our team have worked on a number of huge projects for renowned clients, such as Microsoft, Credit Suisse, Ford Motor Company and the Metropolitan Police, so things aren't just play here at Pixel Knights HQ.

If you have a project you want to get off the ground or even a system you already have which needs improving or extending, feel free to get in touch.

Desktop, Web and mobile

We have extensive experience of all platforms, let us bring your project to life on whatever platform you choose.

Bilingual Welsh & English applications

We pride ourselves on championing the Welsh language in our applications, with all our releases being availble in both Welsh and English  language.

GAMING portfolio

We write games both in-house and for clients, here is a small selection of games we have written and released.

Heavy Steel, a fast-paced 3D combat game for mobile + desktop, take charge of your own mech and battle online or locally.

Heavy Steel 3D Online multiplayer game

Stackimals was a fun puzzle game for the younger audience, available bi-lingually in Welsh and English.

Stackimals/Anipeiliaid Biliungual puzzle game

PlayOn! For Volkswagen of Japan had 3 of our games in the app, from simple puzzle games to a pseudo-3D retro racer.

PlayOn! Retro games