Retro Racing is not forgotten

It's been a while since we posted any updates on R3 (Retro Racing Rampage - Rasio Retro Rhemp), it's not that the project has been forgotten, we've just been very busy with client work, too busy to spend any time on our own, fun projects.

So what's left to do on the project before we can release it?

Player Lobby

We've totally revamped the player lobby experience, made it more interactive, added a skin selection to the lobby page, alas, the character selection has vanished, it just seemed a step that wasn't really necessery since you never really get to see the characters beyond the speech bubbles that appear when you crash.


The leaderboards are now running, but we needed a way to encourage people to register their player names to get on the leaderboard, so now, once you've registered a name you'll get access to an exclusive vehicle - the police car in the game.

Control schemes

We have started on giving the user the ability to redefine their inputs, especially important for local multiplayer on PC where you may have 1 keybaord between a number of players, this all seems to work fine, but needs some work in getting the joypad detection working as we want.

Derby AI

The Derby AI is a little biased at present, in that, they always seem to give up on trying to ram each other out of the arena and concentrate on player only, which makes it a little difficult. We've tweaked the code a few times but still haven't quite got it to the point where it's a totally fun experience when not in multiplayer yet.

We're working on the dedicated website for the game too so once that's ready we'll get it updated with new media and a dev blog on there.